Our core beliefs:

  • organized sports should prepare youth for life
  • progressive evolution from development of athletic abilities to mastering the fundamental skills to learning how to play
  • working with small groups allows time for individualized coaching
  • every athlete has the right to develop at his/her own pace and to have dedicated playing time



To build character, confidence, and physical and mental strength and agility by learning and sharing life values using basketball skills and experiences.



  1. Provide a safe and fun environment for learning and playing basketball
  2. Emphasize process over results: learn to trust both the system and each other while working towards a common goal
  3. Create valuable teaching moments during practices and games with life lasting impact
  4. Build perseverance, never give up attitude, teamwork, and a healthy competitive spirit


Daniel2Coach Daniel

I founded NET Basketball Academy Youth Development not-for-profit organization in 2015. I am a Train to Train (Level 2) NCCP certified basketball coach and a member of Coaches Association of Canada. I have attended multiple Toronto Raptors coaching clinics, and a few coaching clinics in US, which featured Hall of Fame coaches Roy Williams, Sylvia Hatchell, and Jim Boeheim, as well as college coaches such as Kelly Graves (Oregon), Tod Boyle (Colorado), Bob Huggins (West Virginia), Bruce Weber (Kansas State), Dana Altman (Oregon), and Mark Few (Gonzaga), among others. I own a diverse basketball DVD library which I use to study very often. I've lived my whole life with the belief that there is something new to learn every day, and basketball is no different.

I began playing basketball when I was 9 years old with a club in a small town in Europe. I played with the same club for the next 9 years, until my team reached the National Junior League. All these years, the game of basketball had a significant contribution to defining my personality, and to building my character and work ethic.

After obtaining my university degree in Philosophy and Social Sciences, I used to work as an assistant professor and researcher in Educational Sciences field. I became a specialist in curriculum design and the psychology of learning for children from Grades 1 to 12. This experience has had a large impact in developing my existing coaching philosophy.

I am also a parent. My daughter, after years of basketball skill development, eventually decided to join a rep team. Shortly after, I became the assistant coach and, then the head coach of her team. At the end of the first season, our team participated in an international invitational tournament in Austria - United World Games - with the participation of over 3,500 athletes from 30 countries. Our team, the only Canadian girls team at U14 age group, won the bronze medal! More recently, I had the chance to coach CIS and NCAA players as an assistant coach in the summer Pro-am League.

I am very proud of what our Academy have accomplished since inception. We've developed not only coaches and players, but we've involved all their families in our activities, to the point that all the people involved in our club feel that we are one great Team!