Our core beliefs:

  • organized sports should prepare youth for life
  • progressive evolution from development of athletic abilities to mastering the fundamental skills to learning how to play
  • working with small groups allows time for individualized coaching
  • every athlete has the right to develop at his/her own pace and to have dedicated playing time



To build character, confidence, and physical and mental strength and agility by learning and sharing life values using basketball skills and experiences.



  1. Provide a safe and fun environment for learning and playing basketball
  2. Have clear and measurable individual skill progression through evaluation charts and other methods
  3. Emphasize process over results: learn to trust both the system and each other while working towards a common goal
  4. Create valuable teaching moments during practices and games with life lasting impact
  5. Build perseverance, never give up attitude, teamwork, and a healthy competitive spirit


Daniel2Coach Daniel

I still remember my first practice when I was 9 years old in my home country, Romania. My first shot attempt was from the 3-point line and, after missing badly, I told myself I would never be able to reach the net from that distance! Since then,I'd kept learning and playing basketball with the same club in a small town for the next 9 years, until my team reached the very exclusive National Junior League. The game of basketball greatly contributed to defining my individual personality in my youth years, and building my character and work ethic later in life.

After obtaining my university degree in Philosophy and Social Sciences, I used to work as an assistant professor and researcher in Educational Sciences. I became a specialist in curriculum design and the psychology of learning for children from Grades 1 to 12. This experience as an educator has had a significant contribution towards developing my existing coaching philosophy.

I am also a parent. My daughter, after years of basketball skill development, eventually decided to join a rep team. Shortly after, at parents' request, I became the assistant coach and, after that, the head coach of her team. At the end of the first season, our team participated in an international invitational tournament in Austria - United World Games - with the participation of over 3,500 athletes from 30 countries. Our team, the only Canadian girls team at U14 age group, won the bronze medal! More recently, I had the chance to coach CIS and NCAA players as an assistant coach in the summer Pro-am League.

I am an NCCP certified coach and a member of the Canadian Association of Coaches. I have developed both a program and a solid coaching philosophy which I am implementing at all levels and teams of the Academy. Every parent will receive a Coaching Master Plan for the session and periodic evaluation charts for their child.

We are now in the 4th season of our program. Based on parents and athletes feedback, we are making a difference in peoples' lives. It is truly an amazing and humbling experience to observe how basketball can have such a positive impact on everyone involved. Our motto is "Basketball for Life" and we are making it a reality during every day in our program.