The safety and health of our athletes is our first priority. The following instructions have been put in place in response to the requirements set out by Ontario Basketball Association, the Government of Ontario, City of Toronto, and the gym facilities. They may change as new guidelines are received:

Before practice:

1. Before the 1st practice, all participants must complete the OBA Assumption of Risk, Release, Waiver, Consent, and show proof of completion when required

2. If the athlete displays any single or multiple COVID-19 symptoms, such as fever, shortness of breath, loss of smell, abdominal pain, etc (see Health Canada guidelines here), do not come to practice until obtaining a medical diagnosis

3. If the athlete has been exposed to a known COVID-19 case, do not come to practice for 14 days

4. If the athlete has travelled abroad, or received visitors from abroad, the athlete has to quarantine for 14 days before coming to practice

5. Follow regular hygiene rules, such as washing hands often, sneezing in elbow, etc

During practice:

1. Wear a neck gaiter throughout practice

2. Come dressed in athletic gear, except shoes, which can be changed in the gym during wet weather

3. Use the hand sanitizer located at facility's entrance

4. Answer all the questions from the Daily Attestation of Health questionnaire

5. Follow all coaching instructions during and between drills

6. Use the neck gaiter between drills when talking to other teammates

7. Do not share your water bottle with anybody else

8. Do not hug, kiss, shake hands, high-five, or shout in the face of your teammates

9. If washroom is needed, wear the face mask and follow hygiene rules

10. Do not touch your face during practice

11. Basketballs are assigned per each group and they are disinfected after practice

12. At the end of practice, put your neck gaiter back on and use hand sanitizer before exiting the facility

After practice:

1. Monitor your condition for symptoms

2. Follow health authorities instructions in regards to contact tracing, etc.