Testimonials from parents:

"My son has been playing in the NetBA program for just over 2 years and in the process, my wife and I have seen him grow into a well-rounded player characterized by increased grit, expanded skill-set, and team-first fellowship.  Firstly, their program's motto is 'hard work' and there is tough love accountability for individual actions for the betterment of the team.  Secondly, Coach Daniel is very much a student of the game and is constantly imparting his national, North American, and international playing and coaching experience to the squad.  Practices and simulations focus both on the physical skills needed to excel and on the mental agility needed to master all the offense and defensive nuances of the game.  Thirdly, the kids growing camaraderie amongst teammates manifest on the court and spills off the court amongst all of the families!  So much so that road games are so enjoyable as parents bring their entire brood to all hang out together!  All in all, this club is highly recommended for those parents looking to see their kids grow into exceptional student-athletes in a nurturing and welcoming environment." - Jason


"I first and foremost would like to thank you for the time and efforts you have committed to these children. You and your wife are very genuine people and it shows through your love, care, and coaching on and off the court.  You have changed my son and have helped him with a new found love for basketball. He has developed his confidence and through your program you've allowed him to further his social skills. What you are doing is so much more then "just teaching basketball skills" you are aiding with the growth and development of these young children. For that, words cannot describe how appreciative I am.
Thank you, Honestly." - Linda


"One of my friends had recommended NET Basketball Academy for my son. I was thoroughly impressed by coach Daniel's sincerity and professionalism in the class! With a big smile on his face, he would always greet both parents and students with equal enthusiasm. His classes are structured and his love for basketball was clear. During the COVID season when classes were cancelled he always sent periodic emails to check on his students which I think was very thoughtful of him. He always tried to keep their spirits up. I would highly recommend NET Basketball Academy to any new students!" Sajna


"My son has been playing with Net Basketball for past couple if seasons and i must say not only has his game improved, but he also has a better understanding of the team dynamics and how to be better as a team player as opposed to focus in just scoring. Coach Daniel is so dedicated and has a great respect for the sport and brings his passion to every game and practice. I will continue to sign my son up to this league in future. " Raffi 


"We have been part of the Academy for the last 3 years, but I never forget my son's first class. Arriving to the gym, it was Coach Daniel greeting everyone and since that moment I felt I found that connection I haven't experienced in other Academies and Clubs in different sports. His first day speech showed me that I was in the right place where each kid is not only a player, but a person that should grow in many aspects of life, a place where they will learn to never give up, work hard, team work and self confidence. I'm so happy to belong to the NET Basketball family" - Alonso


Testimonials from athletes:

"Coach Daniel is an amazing coach, unlike I've had before. My previous basketball coaches were never so understanding, kind and patient. Coach Daniel always cares about each individual in the class, giving each person time to clearly show them what they may not be doing right, and how to improve. Every person is different, and has a different learning pace, and I find it extremely helpful how coach recognises that, and creates the best learning environment possible. Coach Daniel is also the most patient person I ever knew" - Mishaal


"The coach is very patient with us, and always gives his undivided attention to us. He encourages us and helps us find ways to improve. He makes us feel like a team, and that we all have potential, we just need to work for it. I wasn't very interested nor good at basketball, but Coach's ability taught me that if I practice, if I work hard and put energy into it, I can succeed in basketball. His coaching also lead me to have a higher interest in basketball, and now I love coming to practices, even if I didn't before." - Gracelyn


"Net Basketball didn't only help me improve my skills in the game of basketball but also in life. I learned to be a more persistent person, and hard working. Coach taught the team multiple lessons that can be used on and out of the court. NET basketball academy is a great family to be part of" - Felipe


"Your sessions are lots of fun and competitive at the same time. You teach good fundamentals to help us go far. Thank you!" - Murray


"When I first joint NET Basketball I was part of the House League Clinic course. I came to the first practice and I felt very comfortable because of Coach Daniel, the volunteers and my teammates. After I finish the House League Clinic, I signed up for House League, I had fun and I learned a lot about working hard, playing basketball and team work. I very much enjoy the Academy and the people, especially the Coach. He is very nice and committed to everyone. This is the place to learn basketball and to have fun." - Daniel