Testimonials from parents:

"I first and foremost would like to thank you for the time and efforts you have committed to these children. You and your wife are very genuine people and it shows through your love, care, and coaching on and off the court.  You have changed my son and have helped him with a new found love for basketball. He has developed his confidence and through your program you've allowed him to further his social skills. What you are doing is so much more then "just teaching basketball skills" you are aiding with the growth and development of these young children. For that, words cannot describe how appreciative I am.
Thank you, Honestly." - Linda

"Coach Daniel has showed my kids the true meaning of dedication. Fun and learning at its best!" -  Afsheen

"The reason for choosing NET Basketball Academy was purely based on Coach Daniel's academic and professional background. The way the program is structured is phenomenal and logical. In addition to game skills, the Coach is also focusing on personality development, which is essential to evolve as an individual. His sincerity and dedication during classes reflect his motto Basketball for Life. Since the start of the program, I have noticed some positive behavioural changes in my kid. I am feeling happy for my decision in sending my kid to NET Basketball Academy." - Ram

"This is a great program. With the hard work and dedication of Coach Daniel, you can get everything you need right. There is discipline and each child is developing a love for the game. Also, each child is expected to do their best. I highly recommend NET Basketball Academy to everyone. This is the best addition to our community. Thank you NET Basketball Academy!" - Helene

"NET Basketball Academy is a fantastic environment to play basketball. Coach Daniel and his team are amazing. My son enjoys the skills he learns from Coach Daniel. I see him using the skills he learns from NET Basketball Academy at home and at school" - Hani 


Testimonials from athletes:

"Coach Daniel is an amazing coach, unlike I've had before. My previous basketball coaches were never so understanding, kind and patient. Coach Daniel always cares about each individual in the class, giving each person time to clearly show them what they may not be doing right, and how to improve. Every person is different, and has a different learning pace, and I find it extremely helpful how coach recognises that, and creates the best learning environment possible. Coach Daniel is also the most patient person I ever knew" - Mishaal

"The coach is very patient with us, and always gives his undivided attention to us. He encourages us and helps us find ways to improve. He makes us feel like a team, and that we all have potential, we just need to work for it. I wasn't very interested nor good at basketball, but Coach's ability taught me that if I practice, if I work hard and put energy into it, I can succeed in basketball. His coaching also lead me to have a higher interest in basketball, and now I love coming to practices, even if I didn't before." - Gracelyn

"My Coach Daniel is really helpful. He always tells us about the true spirit one should build during their growing stage. He always tells us that we are not doing training for everybody but for ourselves. In the event of making errors, he motivates us by cheering us up. He trains us really hard and he is not tired until we get it right and we feel happy when we start getting it right. I am learning actual synonyms of the word TEAM." - Abhinav

"Coach Daniel is the best basketball coach I ever had! He teaches me the skills and how to have fun. I enjoy the scrimmages, touchdown game, and many more. Also, before and after practice he greets me and I appreciate it. NETBA Academy is most fun, enjoying program I ever been in. I'm so happy and thankful I could be instructed in basketball by Coach Daniel" - Liban